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How do I remove or delete an event after you're done using them in RPG Maker Fes?


Maybe you have a character you talk to and then they join your group, you want to remove the character from the screen after they join, right? Or you have a cutscene that starts using an Event, but after the cutscene you don't need the event anymore? What do you do?

There are different ways to go about removing or delete events in RPG Maker Fes after you're done, and the way we will show here is using switches! Keep in mind the steps may need to be adjusted for your RPG based on how your game is put together.

First, edit the event that you want to remove after interacting with it. Now add a page to that event. (You add a page by clicking the number on the left side of the bottom screen) Events can have up to 10 pages, as of version 1.1.2 of RPG Maker Fes.

On this new page, change the graphic to the transparent person graphic. (Other graphics will work like the blank item graphic) Make sure the Move is set to "Don't move." In the Display section, make sure to de-select "Pass judgement". This will allow you to pass through this event once you are done with this.

Also on this page, click the top "None" in the "Page conditions" section and select "Switch is on." Choose a switch to use for this event. (Your entire game can use up to 500 switches).

Now go back to the page with the code you originally had in this event and select Event content. Add a new event at the bottom of the list, go to "Branch control" and select "Switch on/off".

Under Setting contents, select On. This will turn your switch on during the game. All 500 switches in your games are off at the start of your game. Under the Switch section, click change and select the switch you are using. The last section "switch name" is used to name your switch something unique if you like. Make sure to confirm it!

If all went well, when you test your game, the event will disappear after you interact with it. It's still technically there, but since a switch is on, it will run the events on page 2, which will change the events state so it will disappear and not block you! And it won't run your original page in the event! Neato!

Page updated: June 28th, 2017 @ 4:03 AM Eastern Time

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