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How do I make a backup of my games RPG Maker Fes?

The following information involves messing with files on your 3DS / 2DS console's SD Card and/or Micro SD Card. Messing with this card MAY cause damage to your 3DS / 2DS console and/or loss of data. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by this information.


You need to remove the SD Card from your 3DS or 2DS or Micro SD card from a New 3DS or 2DS and put it into your computer using an SD Card Reader.

Navigate to the 00000000 folder following this path: Nintendo 3DS > [YOUR PERSONAL ID GIBBERISH 01] > [YOUR PERSONAL ID GIBBERISH 02] > extdata > 00000000.

Inside of the 00000000 folder is a folder named "00001bd5". This folder "00001bd5" is where all your saved RPGs that you made and other RPGs you downloaded are saved. You can copy this folder to your computer as a backup.

Then in the case something happens to your SD Card, you can copy this folder back into the 00000000 folder to restore your games.

BE CAREFUL to make good notes of what day and time you backed stuff up AND what was changed in your RPGs for that date so you don't cause more trouble for yourself by restoring an older backup on accident and losing your newer version! And DON'T edit these files!

Remember: Use this information at your own risk!

Page updated: July 5th, 2017 @ 9:04 AM Eastern Time

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