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RPG Maker Fes Subtitle Event Guide

This event in RPG Maker Fes will display one of two types of text on the screen. One setting is for a bottom-to-top scrolling message, and the other setting is for a static message displayed in the middle of the screen that fades in and out. During the game, the player can press the A button to scroll or fade through the text faster.

You can put in three lines of text, much like the Message Event. However, you can have up to 20 pages of text. You can add a page of text by using the + button. You can scroll through the pages you have by pressing L and R. You can also erase unnessasary pages by tapping the eraser icon.

Display settings: Scroll bottom to top: Select this option to display your pages of text as a scroll from the bottom to top of the screen.

Display settings: Middle fade-in: Select this option to display your pages of text in the middle of the screen. Then as your text changes pages, it fade out and then fades in to the next page.

Speed: Choose the initial speed of the scroll or fade

Preview: You can check to see how the text will look
Confirm: Save the settings for this message event


Page updated: July 9th, 2017 @ 1:44 PM Eastern Time

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