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RPG Maker Fes Beginner's Tutorial Guide Part 2

Now that we have a game setup, let's create our first map!

From the main "Create Menu," select "Map Settings."

On the bottom screen, you can see all the maps that are in your game. You can have up to 99 maps in your game. More about maps here!

You see the map named "Test"? When you start a new file, RPG Maker Fes always create a basic map for you. (This is the map we were walking around on during part 01 of the tutorial!)

Intead of using this default map, let's create a new one from scratch!

Select an empty slot and then choose "World Map." Then choose "Select sample."

By default, RPG Maker Fes has six pre-build maps for you ready to use in your game. Especially because you are just starting out, there is no shame in using a pre-built map to learn the program! So let's do that!

Use the left and right arrows to view the different maps. You can see the map closer by pressing Y and then using the arrow buttons to move around that map. Once you choose a map you like, tap the center of the map or press the A button.

This next screen is where you can name your map and set the background music that will play when you are first on the map. Choose what you want, and then when you are done, press the A button or tap the map to continue.

Yay! You now have a map! And you have also now entered the Map Editor of RPG Maker Fes.

The Map editor is where you can place, delete, copy, and move Map Chips. Map chips are graphics you see on the map. You can also set collisions for your main character in the Map Editor. You can also set Encounter Chips in the map editor. Encounter chips are where you want random battles to occur on your map!

You can move around your map to see more using the D-Pad.

Before we do anything else, let's try out our map!

Press the B button on the Map Editor, and select "Edit Event."

You are now in the Event Editor. It looks a lot like the map editor, doesn't it. The focus for this editor is placing events. Events are the things that your player interacts with in the game and things that do other things in the game. More about Events here!

For now, tap the screen or use the A button to select any block on the screen. From the pop up menu, select "Initial Position." This special event sets where the main player will start the game. Choose a direction the character will face when the game starts. It's up to you!

If we didn't choose an Initial Position for our player, and we tested the game, the player would start on the "Test" map instead of this one!

Let's test the game now!

From the map editor or event editor, you can press B, and then select "Test Play" to play your game. (It's a lot quicker than going back to the main menu and select "Test Play," huh?) You'll need to save your game before you can test it.

You should be able to walk around your map! Some places you cant walk over, but most places you can! Congratulations!

Depending on the map you chose, you may not be able to get to every area while walking. Go back to the map editor and change around your player's starting position. There can only be one player starting position per game.

Wow! Doesn't just having your character walking on the map give you great ideas for what you game could be? You're doing great!

If you have any questions up to this point, you can ask a question here!

When you're ready, we can head to the next part: adding something to do in this big world!

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Page updated: July 10th, 2017 @ 1:38 PM Eastern Time

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